Podcast: 8 Easy Things You Can Do to be More Attractive

Make Yourself more attractiveIn the grand scheme of things, a few imperfections don’t make a lick of difference. By the same token, being attractive to whomever you’re trying to influence, makes all the difference in the world. Whether it’s a prospective employer, that woman at the office you can’t stop thinking about, or most importantly, your own self-confidence, you want to be attractive.

Today’s podcast is sponsored by Every Man Jack, and is all about making small changes to step up your game and be seen – be noticed by those you desire. It may seem trivial, but there are some pretty simple things that can change your game forever. Here are eight easy ways to be more attractive:

Show Notes

Grooming Regularly

Easy ways to be more attractiveGrooming can be taken many different ways. Regardless of which avenue you choose, the answer is still yes. Getting your hair cut or styled, trimming the beard or shaving, making sure there aren’t any nose hairs poking your food before it reaches your lips – these are all good things to do. When it comes to hair on your back, the general consensus is to have it removed (pick your method) if you look like a bear, or it’s long enough for her to grab onto. When it comes to man-scaping, you don’t ever want to shave bald, but a decent trim is never a poor choice. Keep things neat and clean, and you’re good to go.

Cologne Etiquette

Gents, here’s where subtlety is your very best friend. A few splashes of your favorite scent on your chest is really all you need. The chest is better than the wrists because it will stay protected and still waft up out of your shirt when you move. Or, if you’re a fan of the spray, ONE or two sprays in the air about chest height will do the trick. Spray, walk into it, put it back on the shelf. We’ve all smelled that guy who has six pumps of Acqua di Gio after he doused himself in Axe deodorant. Don’t be that guy. If you’re clean, all you need is a little bit anyway. There are some great scents out there! My personal favorite right now is John Varvatos Vintage.

Dressing like a boss

Easy ways to be more attractveWhether you want to admit it or not, clothes do make the man. Dressing like you’re in charge (of your own life at the very least), makes you appear more attractive. When you look like you value your appearance, and enjoy things that fit well and make you feel great, you project those values into the world. The world responds in kind. Why do you dress better when going in for an interview? Right, because image is everything. When you dress like a boss, you’ll be treated like one.

Reading more than sports

In college, my roommate was a sports fan. Nice guy, but he didn’t ever turn the TV off, which meant I was cursed with the ESPN loop. Every few hours, ESPN starts over. By the end of the night, I could recite both sides of Pardon The Interruption. There are a lot of people that like sports, but to be more attractive, read more than just the sports column. Reading in general boosts your appeal, so get to it. Here’s an entire LifeHack article on why women want a man that reads. Consider it market research.

Being a damn Gentleman

Easy ways to be more attractiveChivalry is most certainly not dead. In fact, some say it’s making a comeback. More importantly, the gentlemen of the world are starting to make their presence known, and manners a requirement. Having good manners, being polite, and taking the proper actions to show the world you’re a good man that understands the reciprocity of respect will make a significant difference. When you respect the environment and people in it, respect shall be yours in return. Simply saying please and thank you goes a long way too.

Showering on the regular

This should not be news. In fact, this shouldn’t even be a point to be made in an article like this. But alas, it must be said. We live in a civilized, developed country, and have access to showers and grooming facilities in every corner of our world. Simply making sure you’re clean can turn the tides in your favor. Astonishing, right? Some people don’t like to shower daily – no big deal. Once a week, however, and your appeal might be all but lost.

Listening intently

This is one of my personal favorites. When I was in school, I had the most amazing communications course on listening and hearing. We spent an entire two weeks telling stories and asking questions without instruction, and it turns out we heard everything, but didn’t listen to any of it. For example, when I was listening to my partner tell a story, I was less concerned about the story than I was about my own thoughts about the story. I was thinking of what to say next and listening to those thoughts, while my ears heard the sound of him speaking, but didn’t care about it.

If you really want to “be a great listener” to those around you, listen to every word that comes out without thinking about anything else. You’ll start connecting with the person speaking, and they’ll notice. They’ll feel more comfortable, and you’ll be relaxed and engaged. Simply being present and focusing on the person and the conversation will impact your life in more ways than just being seen as more attractive. I promise you that.

Do something for a reason bigger than yourself

Easy ways to be more attractiveIn a world that feels hell bent on individuality and personal achievement (in a bad way – think, reality TV), men that act in service for something bigger are more attractive. This could involve volunteering with your church, a soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, helping a friend or family that needs it, or a myriad of other opportunities. Any time you put the needs of others above your own, you shine a little light on why you’re a great man, and one that suddenly looks more attractive.

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There are a ton of ways to make yourself more attractive to others, but these 8 are simple and effective to get you started. If there’s something you think I missed, please share it in the comments below.

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Blake Hammerton

Blake Hammerton

Blake Hammerton is the founder and coach at The Sharp Gentleman, and helps men earn more respect while gaining confidence in who they are. He is a certified relationship coach and loves writing about men's fashion, style, character-building, relationships, travel, adventure, and more.

  • Putting on a well-fitted shirt or better yet, one that’s tailor-made for you is the best feeling in the world. It just gives you so much comfort and confidence.

    As for colognes/perfumes, I like the classic Brut or Aramis myself, and I always grab a few bottles if I can find them. I usually just put on a couple of dabs on my chest and then I dry my fingers on my neck; I don’t even rub the stuff on.

    • I completely agree with you, and believe that dressing well and smelling nice can really make a person that much more attractive. Wearing what looks neat, makes the person more neat, and smelling nice, helps the person seem more more attractive.

  • Even though the dressing nice, and daily grooming are things I agree with, I absolutely love how the article mentioned doing things more than for yourself. Showing that you are a caring person, and a great person overall just helps the person look much more attractive and seem like a much better person.

    • Yup. In a sense you are taking care of yourself as well spiritually. A man who is at peace with himself will always project confidence and be attractive. I often deliberately plan several volunteer works so that I can keep myself busy and also do something for the community.

  • Here is another one that can make you more attractive instantly. Working out! No need to do all the lung-busting, gut wrenching crossfit w.o.d.s. Just a simple routine of heavy squats, deadlifts and overhead press can do wonders to your confidence. You won’t get a greek god body in an instant but lifting heavy weights with compound movements even after just one session can boost your testosterone production and women can sense your confidence through your body language. Just don’t over do it and become one of those muscle heads who think that muscles are everything.

  • Oh absolutely, yes indeed times eight! These are very much the eight easiest things that a man can start doing regularly to improve himself, so as to be a better person as well as to be more appealing to ladies! It’s almost surprising that so many of our fellows don’t even take these rather basic steps!

    • I agree Dapper_Dan! It feels like too many men aren’t putting their best foot forward, and sometimes it’s due in part because they just don’t know what to do, but in most cases, it’s self-doubt and laziness. C’mon gentlemen, get it together!

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Mypearl80

    The section about cologne is so true. Guys, women (and whoever you try to impress) are not flattered by the heavy cloud of cologne. It makes us want to cough. A light hint is what we really like. When you smell good, we notice, and you instantly become more attractive. Plus, if you open the door for us, we respect you so much more. Chivalry is the best way to impress women. I think these tips would be approved by every girl. Nice!

  • hafiz93

    Totally agree about the chivalry. Being polite and just generally care about her really helps. Also, It’s kinad funny that you mention the “spray and walk in” method for cologne. I sometimes did that and my housemate always laugh and thinks that it’s ridiculous. And most of the time I do it as a joke so I’m kinda surprised you mention it here 😀

    • Man, there’s so much to learn about colognes and scents. Different chemicals react to different skin types, and it’s so hard to keep things consistent. Colognes have a much better half life (time worn and experienced) if they’re sprayed onto fabric, rather than skin. That’s why I suggest spraying and walking. If you spray directly, you risk concentrating all of it on one particular spot. That can be uncomfortably potent!

      Spray and walk in is a pretty fool proof way to get your smell on. Cheers!