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10 ways to boost your confidence

Episode 2: 10 Killer Ways to Boost Your Confidence Every man, whether he’s super successful or the fry cook at the local fast food joint, wants to have more confidence. Often, they’re looking for some way to get an edge and stand out in a crowd… for all the right reasons. In this show, I’m going introduce you to my 10 killer ways to boost your confidence without spinning your wheels. No gimmicks, no products to buy, no audio programs to download and listen to

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Holiday party Etiquette

Episode 1: Make an Impression with Holiday Party Etiquette It’s that time of year again, where companies cut loose and hold holiday parties to reward their employees for jobs well done, and to celebrate the season. Many men find themselves making mistakes and leaving a poor taste in their wake. This is an opportunity to step up your game, gentlemen, and I have 5 easy ways you can take it to the next level this holiday season. Take your style and confidence to a new

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