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I lost my dad

This is a written stream of consciousness as a processing and coping exercise. I may change verb tenses, include details that aren’t needed, or make very little sense along the way. I just lost my dad, and writing is my greatest mechanism for dealing with it. If you can handle the first-person, present-tense narrative, please read on. Update 10/22/2017: I went to an event yesterday and heard Tony Robbins speak. One of the exercises he had us do was to meditate on a moment we

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10 hard truths in life you need to hear

The world is an interesting place – one full of opportunities and adventures, yet also riddled with terrible decisions, fear, doubt, and distractions that keep us from becoming the best men we can be. Sometimes it takes a hard truth to snap us out of our funk and get us back on track. These hard truths can be difficult to digest, but necessary to keep you from wearing those jeans you cut into shorts. Seriously, throw those things away. The impetus for a hard truth

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How to attend a party like a gentleman

The days are long, the sun is bright, and the mercury is steadily rising. This can mean only one thing: Summer is here. With that, barbecues, parties, and social gatherings are right on her heels. Arguably the greatest season on Earth, Summer brings out the best opportunities to let loose, relax, and explore. Don’t be fooled, however. Summer has led gentlemen astray with her siren song for eons. She whispers, “go ahead and have another Long Island, you’re only getting funnier” in the ears of all

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