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make yourself more attractive

In the grand scheme of things, a few imperfections don’t make a lick of difference. By the same token, being attractive to whomever you’re trying to influence, makes all the difference in the world. Whether it’s a prospective employer, that woman at the office you can’t stop thinking about, or most importantly, your own self-confidence, you want to be attractive. Today’s podcast is sponsored by Every Man Jack, and is all about making small changes to step up your game and be seen – be

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Episode 3: The Dos & Don’ts of Successful Online Dating This has to be my favorite show so far. Aimee Bentson is a good friend of mine, and she’s absolutely perfect for this topic because she’s a gorgeous young single woman in Dallas, and has to put up with men and their online dating shenanigans. She’s a snarky and wildly intelligent leader in the startup community and has just launched her own clothing line at Avyn Apparel. Aimee brings to the table an absolute crap-ton

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10 ways to boost your confidence

Episode 2: 10 Killer Ways to Boost Your Confidence Every man, whether he’s super successful or the fry cook at the local fast food joint, wants to have more confidence. Often, they’re looking for some way to get an edge and stand out in a crowd… for all the right reasons. In this show, I’m going introduce you to my 10 killer ways to boost your confidence without spinning your wheels. No gimmicks, no products to buy, no audio programs to download and listen to

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how to drink scotch whisky

In the history of manliness, no other drink has ever commanded such presence, machismo, character, or class. Single-malt whisky from Scotland (the very definition of Scotch) packs a punch that is delicious to some and displeasing to others, but is undeniably known as the manliest of all liquors. I was recently invited to the Guardians of the Glenlivet presentation when they came through Dallas. I was already a Guardian, but who am I to turn down free whisky and conversation? As a man that enjoys his

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I lost my dad

This is a written stream of consciousness as a processing and coping exercise. I may change verb tenses, include details that aren’t needed, or make very little sense along the way. I just lost my dad, and writing is my greatest mechanism for dealing with it. If you can handle the first-person, present-tense narrative, please read on. Update 10/22/2017: I went to an event yesterday and heard Tony Robbins speak. One of the exercises he had us do was to meditate on a moment we

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how to change a tire on a car

One of the many great things about being a man is having know-how and initiative, right? You’re damn right. As the years have passed, many men have started knowing how to do less things. The notion of being “handy” occasionally feels like it belongs on the endangered species list. Not on my watch. I have built engines, torn apart suspensions, MacGyver’d systems to fix the unfixable, and more, and I’m not about to let us all continue this mechanical decline without a fight. Many of the

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bring the right drink to the party

There is often a misconception when it comes to bringing alcohol to different social gatherings. What’s the best drink to bring to a party? Should bring anything at all? Beer or wine? Both? Food as well? It’s all a lot to keep balanced! As discussed in a previous post, you definitely want to bring a gift to the host of whatever social gathering you’re attending. This gift is most often an alcoholic item, but depending on the event, it can also extend to food dishes

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Business Casual Style

Business Casual Style – is that an oxymoron? In a past life, I was a cubic-jockey in the business casual hell of Corporate America. Since escaping, I’ve been helping gentlemen discover their own style inside a system that promotes a level of dress just above blatant laziness – especially in men. Provided you don’t wear jeans and your shirt has a collar, you can pretty much get away with anything, right? No. That’s not right at all. You want to make an effort to look

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Lunowear Wood Watches Review

In the watch game, there are many players of varying reputations and styles. Watchmakers are continually honing their crafts and innovating new ways to stay current. Even the classics are working on making their materials more durable, more environmentally friendly, and more affordable. When it comes to new companies, however, the only way to get a leg up is to put your foot down. When a new watchmaker steps on the scene, crisp with that fresh watchmaker smell, he or she must take a stand

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Flex Watches Making Time to Fight Hunger

There are companies and organizations all over the world that have the best intentions, but lack the marketing chops to make a real dent in the earth. Then there are those with killer ideas and the right combination of creativity and fearlessness. Those select few build mountains with molehills and generate enough traction to leave us all applauding in their wake. Flex Watches is one such company. Flex gives you a trendy watch (which you’ll love) while also giving charities a chance to make a real

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