One-on-One Coaching

Gentlemen, it’s time to step up your game and be the man you were born to be.

The Sharp Gentleman is more than just looking dapper – it’s about being the kind of man you’d want your daughter to be with, the kind of man that people remember for his presence and polish, the kind of man that knows his worth and doesn’t need to sacrifice his integrity… ever.

Gentlemen see the power, beauty, and pride of treating others with respect and dignity. They practice empathy, patience, and integrity – giving great value to all their relationships. A Gentleman is man of honor and confidence, even if he isn’t out saving the world for all to see.

Welcome to the Gentleman’s Curriculum®
– a personal coaching program for becoming a modern gentleman –

Time and time again, I work with clients that upgrade their fashion, but neglect their style. They look great, but they’re still attracting the wrong women, the wrong opportunities, and giving the wrong impression. After speaking with hundreds of women about the guys in their lives, it became clear: men need help cleaning up and gaining confidence.

These coaching and etiquette sessions for men reveal the secrets and how-to lessons of becoming the best man you can be so you gain the extra presence and polish for any situation. In this etiquette coaching for men, we will cover a myriad of different topics together, but most importantly, we’ll explore the kind of many you want to be and what it will take to become him.


The Gentleman’s Curriculum ® Coaching is right for you if…


The clothes you wear make you look overweight, immature, and unprofessional

You have plenty of clothes in your closet but nothing to wear

You walk into a room and don’t command respect

Your relationship with your spouse, girlfriend, or partner constantly feels rocky

You are not confident with the way you present yourself

You are consistently getting friend-zoned by women around you

You feel trapped in your current position without opportunities coming your way

You seem to never get taken seriously

You want to leave a legacy you can be proud of

You overspend on cheap clothes but don’t like very much in your wardrobe

You feel like matching colors and patterns is an impossible task

Your personal style doesn’t make you feel confident and in charge



Would You Describe the Man You Were Born to Be as…

etiquette coaching for men

CONFIDENT – You hold your head high

SUCCESSFUL – You are on top of your game

ATTRACTIVE – You get noticed everywhere you go

RESPECTED – You leave a proud legacy

STYLISH – You are always complimented on your style

A MAN OF ACTION – You seize opportunities every moment

INTELLIGENT – Your image radiates competency and purpose

– Your relationships are deeply rewarding because YOU know what you’re worth –

If the answer is YES, I’m here to help you make it happen.

 – As low as $97 per session! –


Gentleman’s Curriculum One-on-One Coaching Day

This is your chance to get everything you need in one day. We will spend the entire day covering all the essentials, and some secrets I don’t reveal in other courses. We begin at your home and cover your current closet and style, and create a game plan of goals together. Then, we’ll go shopping, cover introductions and communication, dining etiquette, social events, networking, and business style, and wrap up with relationship building skills, including the art of fighting with your spouse, partner, or colleagues without losing your cool or burning bridges.

The entire day is relaxed and fun and designed to equip you with tools and confidence so you can become more of the man you were born to be. The entire experience is designed to make etiquette coaching for men feel far less formal.

We will explore everything a modern gent would need in his arsenal including:

  • Listening & being present
  • When to wear a jacket / tie / suit
  • Lasting first impressions
  • The best handshake ever
  • Wardrobe essentials
  • Proper event attire
  • Dining & Entertaining Etiquette
  • Master the table setting
  • After-hours Networking & Business
  • Shopping & Personal Style
  • Relationships & Confidence Building
  • and more…

One Full Day | $697 | 10am–6pm



– What are clients saying about the coaching? –


“Blake really helped me zero in on what kind of man I want to be. He not only helped me dress like I give a damn, but he also helped me with my work relationships, confidence, and even family time. I can’t believe I waited so long to get it together and get a coach like Blake.”
– Andrew M. –

“Don’t wait another minute. Hire Blake and start building the man you are underneath all the junk you believe about yourself. He helped me immensely with my confidence. I look better, feel better, and make better decisions these days. Thanks Blake!”
– Jeff R. –

“I cannot thank Blake enough for what he’s been able to do for our relationship. He and my husband Eric worked together originally to help him get better business outfits, but Blake helped him become so much more. He is full of ambition and confidence now! I hope more men take on a coach like Blake because we need more good guys in the world.”
– Susan P. –

“I look awesome now! For those guys out there with confidence but no style, Blake is the man. He is fun and charismatic, but he knows what he’s talking about. After demolishing my closet and taking me shopping, I’m a new man!”
– Kevin G. –

“Since losing 90+ pounds, I decided to not just buy more of the same old clothes in a smaller size. I saw this as an opportunity to create the version of myself I wanted to be. I hired Blake and he helped me get some custom shirts, belts, shoes, and then we picked up a suit. After that day, we went and ate and had a great conversation. When I went home, I felt amazing, had confidence, joy and swagger. It is amazing how the right clothes can make you feel… Sometimes you cover up on the outside, put on comfortable clothes, without much thought into what it looks like, only focusing on getting out the door. Blake helped me wake up the dapper gentleman I had inside.”
– Aaron C. –

“What can I say? Blake sees a much bigger picture than anyone else I know. He helped me style my engagement photo shoot like nobody else could. He helped me pick out the best pieces from my own closet, and even added his own accessories and finishing touches. My fiancée loved everything I wore, and especially loved the extra confidence I wore with everything. Blake is fun, encouraging, and knows what he’s talking about. A true pro.”
– Steven B. –

“One of my favorite things about working with Blake is his attention to detail. He’s big picture thinker and inspires you to see the potential in everything, but when it comes down to actually doing something, he notices all the details. You always look and fell your best when you work with him because he thrives on the confidence of his clients. You can trust Blake to make you a better version of yourself. I know that from experience!”
– Randy C. –

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