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Every Man Should Travel

“The well-traveled man tells better stories, draws more connections, and even knows more interesting toasts than the man who stays at home.” The sense of adventure is alive and well in every single one of us, whether it’s the thrill of the hunt, the hike, or the holiday from work. Some men, however, allow this yearn for exploration run wild, and it changes them forever. Traveling the world is an unfulfilled dream for many men, and here’s why it should go unfulfilled no longer. The

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It’s hard to overcome self doubt, right? Are you doing enough? Are you being enough? Psychology Today had a brilliant article in 2010 on America’s culture of envy, and wanting be, do, and have more. Moreover, it’s about our own judgements that we haven’t accomplished enough – regardless of what incredible feats we have completed. It rings so true with me because I can hear the parts of my mind screaming at me about what I haven’t done, and how I fail to measure up

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