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how to handle risk

This is near and dear to me because I know how to handle risk – risk is my copilot. I venture into what-ifs like they’re going out of style. I wasn’t always that way, and occasionally I’m not as bold or brazen as my brochure would have you believe. Most days I’m ready to take on the world and all its wonder, but because I’m still human, I will have “holy crap, what am I doing” days too. There’s no quick fix for all types

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Episode 3: The Dos & Don’ts of Successful Online Dating This has to be my favorite show so far. Aimee Bentson is a good friend of mine, and she’s absolutely perfect for this topic because she’s a gorgeous young single woman in Dallas, and has to put up with men and their online dating shenanigans. She’s a snarky and wildly intelligent leader in the startup community and has just launched her own clothing line at Avyn Apparel. Aimee brings to the table an absolute crap-ton

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