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rules for getting in shape

When it comes to getting in shape, it can often feel like there are an infinite number of paths to take. There are so many different ways to lean out and slim down that it can often feel overwhelming. Most of us have been on some form of yo-yo diet and can recall vividly the cravings, the sacrifices, and the disappointment when the weight either didn’t fall off, or came right back a couple of months later. Today, we’re talking about the 5 rules for

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performing better in everything

In the game of life, we are all seeking better performance. Whether that means better performance at our jobs, our relationships, our athletics, or in the bedroom, we want to be better – we need to be better. When it comes to actually achieving that better-ness, we often seek answers and solutions in the wrong direction. In our quest for better performance, we often discount ourselves for validation from someone else. This is no good. The secret to better performance in everything is actually pretty simple:

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Lunowear Wood Watches Review

In the watch game, there are many players of varying reputations and styles. Watchmakers are continually honing their crafts and innovating new ways to stay current. Even the classics are working on making their materials more durable, more environmentally friendly, and more affordable. When it comes to new companies, however, the only way to get a leg up is to put your foot down. When a new watchmaker steps on the scene, crisp with that fresh watchmaker smell, he or she must take a stand

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best at home workout

Let’s be completely honest with each other for a moment. We are full of excuses. The reasons you don’t hit your goals, whether they’re fitness, financial, personal, or professional, is because you’ve got an excuse for everything that gets in your way. You’re not alone. This is why over 70% of new years resolutions involve going to the gym, but three week into January the place is once again empty. The excuses that you can’t afford a gym membership, don’t have the right equipment at

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