The Five Indispensable Suits Every Man Should Have

In 2022, Steve Harvey captivated social media with his remarkable and flawless description of his suit game, setting the fashion world abuzz. Known for his charismatic personality and impeccable style, Harvey shared insights that resonated widely.

His words became a trending topic across various social media platforms as he articulated the essence of his suit collection. Harvey highlighted the importance of embracing timeless elegance with a modern twist. He emphasized the significance of well-tailored suits, mentioning how each piece in his wardrobe reflected his confidence and personality.

steve harvey essential suit | The Sharp Gentleman

The online community celebrated Harvey’s ability to balance classic sophistication with a touch of flair, making his fashion advice not only stylish but also relatable. Whether it was his choice of bold colors, attention to detail, or the overall confidence he exuded in his suits, netizens couldn’t get enough of dissecting and praising his fashion wisdom.

“You can make 75 suits with five combinations.” – Steve Harvey

Harvey’s outstanding description of his suit game became a source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts and a testament to the enduring impact of a well-crafted wardrobe. His trendsetting moment showcased not just a mastery of fashion but also a keen understanding of how style can convey one’s identity and leave a lasting impression on the world.

Here are some suits you should take priorities on:

classic black suit | The Sharp GentlemanThe Classic Black Suit

Every guy needs that trusty black suit in his closet – it’s like the unsung hero of timeless style. Whether you’re showing up at a wedding, bidding farewell at a funeral, acing a job interview, or stepping into a formal event, the black suit is your go-to move.

Picture this: Rocking the black suit with a crisp white shirt and a sleek black tie. Classic, right? But wait, you can also chill it out with a simple tee and sneakers for those laid-back vibes.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Switch things up with a light blue or cream shirt for a fresh and modern twist. Black suit can go with almost any colour or kind of shirt and t-shirt shirt you can think of.

Classic Navy Suit | The Sharp GentlemanNavy Suit

An absolute essential in any man’s wardrobe, navy suits boast unmatched versatility and timeless appeal, making them the perfect go-to for both formal and laid-back occasions. These suits have held their ground in men’s fashion for decades, and it’s easy to see why.

The adaptability of navy suits extends to their compatibility with various hues, with earthy tones like brown or burgundy serving as particularly complementary choices. Enhance the ensemble with a brown leather belt and shoes for an added touch of elegance to your navy suit.

Whether you’re gearing up for a formal event with a white shirt and necktie or aiming for a more relaxed vibe with a colored shirt and loafers, the navy suit effortlessly adapts to the occasion, making it a smart and enduring investment.

Stylish Brown Suit | The Sharp GentlemanBrown Suit

While not the immediate go-to for formal occasions among men, a brown suit shouldn’t be underestimated as a tasteful and adaptable choice suitable for diverse events.

Differing from the formality of black or navy suits, brown suits exude a relaxed elegance, making them a perfect fit for less formal gatherings like weddings, outdoor events, or even business casual settings. Opting for a deeper shade of brown elevates the sophistication, rendering it suitable for more formal engagements such as business meetings or dinners.

When it comes to accentuating brown suits with accessories, consider earthy tones like tan, beige, or rust for your shoes and belt. These hues harmonize seamlessly with the brown suit, creating a coherent and refined aesthetic. To inject a dash of personality, don’t shy away from experimenting with patterned neckties or pocket squares to infuse individuality into your ensemble.

Tan / Khaki Suit | The Sharp GentlemanTan Suit

Tailored for warm-weather occasions like outdoor weddings, garden parties, or breezy summer business meetings, the tan suit brings a versatile neutrality that effortlessly complements a variety of shirt and necktie combinations.

Opting for a crisp white shirt delivers a timeless and sophisticated look, while introducing a light blue shirt adds a hint of color and personal flair. When it comes to necktie choices, explore shades of blue or green, or embrace a more playful vibe with floral or paisley patterns.

In the realm of shoes and accessories, the warm tones of a tan suit find perfect companionship in a brown leather belt and shoes. To add a touch of flair, consider incorporating a pocket square or tie bar in a complementary color, infusing an extra layer of interest into your ensemble.

The Essential Grey Suit | The Sharp GentlemanGrey Suit

Closing the lineup, the fifth essential suit color for every man is grey. Grey suits come in a spectrum of shades, spanning from the subtle tones of light gray to the bold presence of
charcoal. Their adaptability allows for effortless pairing with various shirts and accessories, providing the canvas for a diverse array of looks.

Professional and polished, gray suits strike a harmonious balance. They embody a level of formality without the starkness of a black suit, making them the perfect choice for everyday office wear or those significant business meetings.

What sets a gray suit apart is its versatility across both formal and casual settings. Lighter shades seamlessly transition into a more relaxed ensemble when matched with a t-shirt and sneakers. Conversely, darker hues exude formality and sophistication, particularly when paired with a pristine white shirt and a stylish necktie.

Make sure you have these indispensable suits in your collection, and you’re sure to have enough combinations to look sharp for any event, evening out, or professional meeting.


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