22 Ways a Dog Can Make You a Better Gentleman

This is a guest post from my friend Jenny over at – an organization that aims to be the only news source about dogs. They cover everything about dogs in the news, health, media, and more. She asked to feature a little more about how dogs can improve health and well-being. I know dogs can make us feel better, but did you know all the ways a dog can make you a better gentleman? 

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Dogs and men. They go back a very long way. As they say, a dog is man’s best friend. Getting a fur-baby from the canine family is one thing that can benefit a man. Believe it or not, it has its effects on their health. It is something that nobody can deny.

There are a lot of ways your pet dog can make you healthier. But did you know that a dog has ways that will make a gentleman out of you at the same time? Yes, it has certain traits that can combine health and gentlemanliness. For one, they are very patient. Their patience rubs off on you in the long run. In turn, you get to practice this also on your wife or girlfriend while they take their time preparing themselves for that special date.

Some guys have the tendency of not having enough patience while waiting for an hour while their partners are still fussing over what to wear. In certain cases, men get impatient and instead of appreciating her efforts, the wait ruins their night. Women love taking their time while making themselves look their best. It is for their man’s benefit. In this case, men with dogs tend to be more patient and calm while waiting.

Being in the presence of a dog develops calmness in you. Being a gentleman often includes a combination of being calm and patient. These two traits make you healthy as well. They both lower your stress levels and heart rate. It also gives you peace of mind.

The infographic below offers information on how your dog can affect your health in positive ways. Check it out and learn more about how these four-legged creatures are actually good for you. Each of these show just how a dog can make you a better gentleman – and a healthier one!

22 Ways a dog can make you a better gentleman

Do you have a dog that keeps you on your toes? What about keeping you healthy?
How do you feel your dog has contributed to your gentlemanliness?
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