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Gentleman's Guide to Sin City

While in Vegas: A Gentleman’s Guide to Sin City “What’s a gentleman like you doing in a place like this?” Las Vegas is dubbed as “Sin City,” and with good reason, as it offers just about every kind of earthly delight under the sun. As such, it might seem a contradiction to recommend this place to bona fide gentlemen. Nonetheless, there are actually a lot of activities that gents can try out, without succumbing to a truly hedonistic lifestyle, and burning a hole through their

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breaking up is hard to do - The Sharp Gentleman

Breaking up is hard to do. At the same time, staying in a relationship that doesn’t serve either party is also hard to do. Unfortunately, we are willing to do more of the latter that we are of the former, and that’s a disservice to ourselves and each other. Look, it sucks to break up, but it also sucks to be in an unhappy relationship. A fair amount of my clients (and emails I receive) ask what they should do to exit their unfulfilling relationships.

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building a business after a breakdown

We’ve all heard, in some form or another, the old adage that “you have to hit rock bottom before you can truly change.” In the case of my friend Jan, his rock bottom was a nervous breakdown due to the compounding stress of being an employee, a student, and a man in his 20s trying to figure things out. It turns out, some men aren’t built to be employees, while others aren’t built to be entrepreneurs. When you’re the latter, you see the risks, the

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It’s hard to overcome self doubt, right? Are you doing enough? Are you being enough? Psychology Today had a brilliant article in 2010 on America’s culture of envy, and wanting be, do, and have more. Moreover, it’s about our own judgements that we haven’t accomplished enough – regardless of what incredible feats we have completed. It rings so true with me because I can hear the parts of my mind screaming at me about what I haven’t done, and how I fail to measure up

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