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Flex Watches Making Time to Fight Hunger

There are companies and organizations all over the world that have the best intentions, but lack the marketing chops to make a real dent in the earth. Then there are those with killer ideas and the right combination of creativity and fearlessness. Those select few build mountains with molehills and generate enough traction to leave us all applauding in their wake. Flex Watches is one such company. Flex gives you a trendy watch (which you’ll love) while also giving charities a chance to make a real

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Best Budget Watches

This may upset a few of the watch puritans out there because we’re actually going to talk about the best budget men’s watches for around $100. Some circles of timepiece aficionados believe a ‘budget’ watch is below $1000, but never less than $500. That’s a wonderful watch budget to have, but we’re going to dip a little lower on the expense report and check out some small to mid-budget watches that give you the look and feel you want, without the additional zero at the

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