Ending the Underwear Debate Forever with Tommy Johns

Once and for all… is it really worth the upgrade?
An honest Tommy John Underwear review


I remember a time in high school when my friends were wearing boxers from Abercrombie and Express and Tommy Hilfiger, and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I looked at the prices and knew I could spend my money on better things. Certainly things that delivered more value!

I’ve been a boxer-brief guy for as long as I can remember. I don’t anything fancy, but I also don’t want to spend any amount of time with my junk in a burlap sack, so I chose the Hanes happy medium.

It has always been a fascination of mine – underwear. For both men and women, I can’t seem to figure out the cost-value breakdown. Women spend hundreds of dollars on fancy underwear they only get to wear for a few minutes before we try to pull it off with our teeth.

Seems like a silly thing to do. Why would I want to spend $30 on ONE pair of boxers when I can get a dozen or more for the same price at Target?!?

Then Tommy John came along. They reached out and told me to try a pair of their Go Anywhere boxers and give them an honest review. So, this isn’t a paid review, but it is one that gave me a pair of trunks and a t-shirt in exchange for feedback. I did say this was an honest Tommy John underwear review, right?

The Trunks they sent are a hunter green pair from their Go Anywhere™ line, which are actually cheaper than the standard pair. The Go Anywhere line is unique because it offers 4-way stretch and a more athletic setup with moisture wicking fabric. The t-shirt I received is a “Second Skin Moroccan Tee” in navy.

The Good

The Go Anywhere™ Trunks:

These are so unbelievably comfortable, I can’t believe nobody told me about this until today! In fact, I’m a little upset with everyone around me. Not one of you had the decency to send me a message and give me a heads up!

“Hey Blake, I think you’re really missing out on some ridiculously comfortable underwear. You should get on that and never look back.”

But no, nobody did that. I had to wait around and suffer through regular underwear, not knowing the comfort I was missing!

These boxer-briefs are like a secret weapon that you automatically feel more powerful having. You don’t have to use it, or flaunt it, because just knowing you have it makes you more confident. This is the Tommy John Effect. You feel more confident and comfortable in your clothes, and it all begins with your underwear.

They do not ride up on your leg, which means when you put your trousers on, you don’t have to spend an additional 5 minutes reaching town and tugging your boxer legs back into place. No bunching, just comfort.

honest tommy john underwear reviewThe athletic material of the Go Anywhere™ line makes them slick against your pants. You won’t have any issue with your trousers moving about your body freely – it’s like you’re not wearing anything at all under there!

The front Quick Draw® Fly design is something all other underwear companies need to adopt. It’s easy and practical, and it eliminates that strange, angled, scissor-style, overlapping junk access flap thing that everyone else is using. Seriously, who has time to navigate the intricate inner-workings of that cotton torture device before and after using the urinal? Silliness.

The Moroccan Tee:

This is a very comfortable shirt. The neck opening is a little large for my taste, but according to others (and my wife) it looks good. It certainly feels good.

The fabric is wrinkle-resistant and heavy. It might just be me, but I like a heavier shirt. This isn’t to say it isn’t breathable, but it has a heavier weight when you compare it to other shirts. I like that it sits and drapes with intention – it just wears well.

The Bad

Despite the praise for comfort, these single pairs of boxer-brief / trunks are $23-$34 each. The price point is higher than a lot of other competitors in the market today.

I haven’t tested them long enough (only a month at the time of this review) to have any feedback on fabric durability, but so far they’re are performing flawlessly currently. I’ll post an update in a few months.

The Really Bad

I don’t have more than one pair. These things are so comfortable and perform so well that my only gripe is that I don’t own more than one pair!

I’ll invest in more and post an update soon!

The Verdict:

Once and for all, we can settle the argument that’s been plaguing men’s circles across the globe: Is expensive athletic underwear really a worthy upgrade?

You bet your well-supported inside extremely comfortable moisture-wicking Tommy John underwear ass, it is.

Get some. Today.



I’ve received several emails and text messages regarding the wear and tear I’ve experienced in the last six months. First of all, what a strange things to request: “how’s your underwear holding up, Blake?”

After wearing them once every 10 days or so, they’re still in perfect condition. There’s just the tiniest bit of pilling on the top edge of the elastic waistband, but that’s probably due to time in the dryer.

I don’t have any unusual wear and tear issues. In fact, I don’t have any wear issues at all. They look, feel, and function just as they did when I first got them. I almost feel like those that wear their Tommy Johns out completely in six months are either:

  1. MUCH more active than I am (construction worker, bartender, marathon runner, etc.)
  2. Wearing them much more often than I am.

Some more active wearers will experience a different lifespan on their pair than I will. For me, however, they’re comfortable, capable, and still in mint condition.


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