How to Find Balance as an Entrepreneur and Family Man

Did you know one of the most often searched terms is “how to find balance as an entrepreneur and family man” on Google? Why is that? Well, it’s probably because having a work life balance as an entrepreneur is hard as hell.

While many people may look at successful entrepreneurs and feel they “have it together” based on their viewpoint, sometimes that’s the furthest thing from the truth. As an entrepreneur, priorities and schedules, and investments and expenses are different than others’ that work in Corporate America. The idea that the struggle is real is more than just a clever meme.

Kostas Lazanas - Finding Balance as an Entrepreneur and family man | The Sharp GentlemanToday’s episode is a special one because I’m joined by my good friend Kostas Lazanas, a restaurant owner, a husband, a father, a community member, and a man who’s done more before turning 30 than so many of us. We’re talking about finding balance between work and home and events and vacations and, more importantly, what keeps you from losing your mind through it all.

Kostas is the owner, operator, chef, catering manager, bartender – every-job guy at Opa Greek Taverna in Rowlett, Texas. He’s a hardworking man, just about to enter his 30s with his wife, 2 kids, an amazing greek restaurant (just celebrated its 5th year), and home life to support and grow.

How does he find a balance between crushing his career goals and creating beautiful memories and moments with his family?

Like many of us, Kostas wears a lot of hats and work more hours on more things than he wants to, but he’s driven. He has a vision and he works everyday to make it a reality.

On this episode, we’re digging into the drive, the struggle, and the rewards of the work as we try to find balance and peace in both houses. Take a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below. [Subscribe Here]


The show is worth a listen, because we talk about how he launched his own restaurant at 25 years old. We learn how he did it with under $100k. We learn what it’s like to have to layoff staff while simultaneously getting the staff to rally back and work harder to get the word out there.

We explore the ugly truth of running a business and being a family man – especially a restaurant. In case anyone hasn’t told you, profit margins in the restaurant industry aren’t great. It’s a lot of working hard for no money so you can invest in enough market share to have stability. We explore what it means to leave your family at home for days on end while you’re working every possible position in your business.

On the flip side, we also talk about the joys of being able to invest in the right people. We share how similar our childhoods were, with fathers that were pivotal in our development as achievers. There are so many takeaways in this show.

Here are a few places to learn
more about Kostas and Opa:

Opa Greek Taverna Facebook

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Opa on YouTube (subscribe!)

Opa on Twitter


Remember, we’re all trying to figure out the best way to go. Find time for family, time for goals, time for side projects, time for career, time for everything, and again, as Kostas said earlier in the episode, you only have 24 hours in the day. You can choose the things that will get you to the light that you want to, but you can’t do everything all the time.

The secret in how to find balance as an entrepreneur and family man: Something’s got to give and that’s got to be okay.

What you YOU do to find a balance between work and home life?
What are your go-to resources for staying grounded when you get overwhelmed?

Leave a comment below so we can connect!


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