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Episode 3: The Dos & Don’ts of Successful Online Dating This has to be my favorite show so far. Aimee Bentson is a good friend of mine, and she’s absolutely perfect for this topic because she’s a gorgeous young single woman in Dallas, and has to put up with men and their online dating shenanigans. She’s a snarky and wildly intelligent leader in the startup community and has just launched her own clothing line at Avyn Apparel. Aimee brings to the table an absolute crap-ton

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bring the right drink to the party

There is often a misconception when it comes to bringing alcohol to different social gatherings. What’s the best drink to bring to a party? Should bring anything at all? Beer or wine? Both? Food as well? It’s all a lot to keep balanced! As discussed in a previous post, you definitely want to bring a gift to the host of whatever social gathering you’re attending. This gift is most often an alcoholic item, but depending on the event, it can also extend to food dishes

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Cooking the perfect steak

Cooking the perfect steak It’s no secret that a man who cooks is measurably more attractive in the eyes of those around him. Maybe it’s the way he has a command of the kitchen, or how he makes it look effortless, or maybe it’s because he brings a tear to your eye with how delicious his food truly is. There are a million reasons why this is, but the important thing to take away is you want to be the attractive man in the kitchen. The

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Pairing wine like a boss

There’s something hypnotic about wine. The allure of its flavor tapestry and story are all the more enchanting when it happens to be paired with the right food. The right wine can cause your tastebuds to come alive with each sip, so the flavor of your meal becomes historic. And there’s nothing like having the knowledge on tap to pour a glass that will do the trick. Men all over the world want to have that finesse. You know what finesse I’m talking about – out

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Suiting: 1-2-3 button jackets

How many buttons should my suit have? Which is best? This is a highly contested issue in the menswear arena, so let’s weigh-in on the rules, exceptions, and history of it all in hopes that it may help you figure out what works best for your height, weight, and personal style. You’ll often hear people tell you that the bottom button on any jacket should always remain unbuttoned. Where did this rule come from? Why put it on the jacket if it’s forbidden to use? Answers

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Romantic Fall Date Ideas

When the leaves turn and that familiar chill comes in the air, you know Autumn is here. It’s one of the most romantic times of the year, and offers plenty of opportunities to cozy up with that special someone to keep warm and enjoy pumpkin spice… everything. It provides the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to romance because Mother Nature cranks up the colors, turns down the heat, and provides beautiful opportunities to sport your favorite fall gear. Check out these perfect romantic

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